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Visitor Visa

Visa either for the non-immigrant visa for Temporary stay or immigrant for the permanent base is known as Visitor Visa.  There are many reasons why people are travelling or like to visit georgia for some time. Some will travel for the business purpose or for meeting your family living in georgia you want the Visitor visa for that temporary purpose you have to apply for the visitor visa. There are various streams for visitor visa georgia are as follows.

  • Tourist stream
  • Business Visitor stream
  • Sponsored Family Steam
  • Approved Destination status stream

For the visa stream, different subclass is applicable as follows

  • Tourist stream (subclass 676)
  • Business Visitor stream(subclass 769)
  • Sponsored Family stream(subclass 456)
  • Approved destination status stream(subclass 459)
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Required documents for the Visitor visa

  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of your  moral character
  • For family stream, visitor stream visa it is important that you are sponsorship from a relative
  • Valid passport for travel to Australia
  • Present photograph copies
  • Financial Documents
  • If employee then employment details
mbbs in georgia

Benefit of Visitor Visa