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Aeronautical Engineering In Europe

Aeronautical Engineering in Europe

Aeronautical Engineering program at kharkiv University of Air Force blends flight training with all academic study provide a firm foundation in the airline, corporate and Commercial or Government aviation. The students get opportunities to learn about and fly aerial vehicles and develop problem solving skills with computer simulation while preparing for a career as a professionals engineer. Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using computer simulations while becoming skilled in mathematics, physics, communication, business and aeronautics.

The University of Kharkiv Aeronautical Engineering course where the students are prepare for technical jobs in the aviation industry. Kharkiv University of Air force has been consistently recognized as one of the best and excellent aviation universities offering Aviation Engineering Air craft and Avionics courses in Ukraine.

Gain Air Craft Practical Experience

Whether you want to be an Aeronautic designer, Airport Manager or Aviation safety expert an aeronautical engineering degree from Kharkiv University of Air force. First year students get started right away taking core courses like introduction to Aviation physiology and Aviation Meteorology. Aeronautical Engineering Degree students have access to first rate computer labs and basic aviation training device for hand on learning.  As there are more than 5000 students studying at the university.

Aircraft Maintenance
Bachelor in Aircraft Maintenance at Kharkiv University of Air Force is a balanced practical and theory based course for the license element and a professional engineering degree course.

This course gives you access to genuine aircraft experience. We are the main university in Ukraine that has coordinated the business standard aircraft maintenance qualification with Honors Degree and convey it on Campus.

Aeronautical Engineering in Europe

Mbbs in European University

The program outline essentially to give an advanced education supported way to a career as an authorized Aircraft Maintenance engineer in the aircraft industry. Be that as it may it additionally gives a contrasting option to the all the more usually discovered aviation configuration courses for those wishing to look for work in different territories of the Aviation Industry such as maintenance planning and control product development, Technical Services and other products departments.

The courses cover the entire knowledge requirement specified and provide you with opportunities to practice and develop these skills. The student can also gain higher education skills and other personal skills which are necessary for the competition of the course in the first year. The course is designed specifically to set you on the correct path of the career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Faculties & Departments

  • Faculty of Air defence forces
  • Faculty of Radio Defense forces
  • Faculty of postgraduate studies
  • Faculty of Reserve Officers Training
  • Flight Department
  • Engineering and Aviation Department
  • Aviation department of Air Defense Forces
Admission in Europe
Documents required to kharkiv University of Air Force by International Students
  • Valid medical policy
  • Copy of passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Application form
  • Medical certificate
  • Mark sheet and original Certificate of 10th and 12th
Mbbs in Georgia, Europe
Accommodation / Hostel

The University provides all facilities for every Indian student as there is special well-equipped hostel with all latest advanced facilities. There is separate hostel for the boys and girls also. All type of Indian food facilities is also provided in the Canteen of the university.

After studying Aeronautical Engineering the students may choose their careers in

  • Aircraft Crew Members
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Airport Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Air Craft Engineering
  • Spacecraft Operations
  • Technical Writing
  • Ground Support Services
Mbbs for Indian Students