Mbbs in Philippines
Mbbs Admission in Philippines


MBBS in Philippines is one of the top places for the Indian student to study medicine from. As the Philippines is the 3rd place largest place of English speaking nation in the world.  The Philippines is also a beautiful place with beautiful Island.  The Philippines is generally a warm country with an average temperature around 25-27 0c. The Philippines is MBBS in Philippines is famous among the Indian students due to its English languages and all MBBS colleges are MCI Approved.  It is a good opportunity for the Indian students who have passed 12th exam and interested to student MBBS in abroad country. Almost all colleges are globally recognized by MCI, WHO, UNESCO ETC. As the student is having one of the good advantages of studying in the Philippines such as the low cost medical colleges for the Indian students.  The Superior quality of the Education is the most noteworthy request in medical colleges and schools in the Philippines and the fees of medical colleges for MBBS in Philippines is affordable for the Indian students.

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Documents Required for MBBS in Philippines Indian Student Visa: - For the studying in MBBS Philippine’s the student need to get the visa for this the student needs so documents like

  • Valid passport
  • Student application form for student visa
  • Visa fee
  • Photographs of the student
  • Medical Health certificate of the applicant
  • Police clearance certificate authenticated
Study Mbbs in Philippines

Top Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines

  • Third English speaking Country: - First thing is that English is a one of the vast majority particularly in urban territories English along these lines empowering understudies from abroad to effectively take the lessons. As some of the person who cannot speak or communicate in English smoothly. The Philippines has adapted well both to the American culture and the language according to concept to this English language is important.
  • Quality of Education: -More than 300 years Philippines was a colony of Spain and become the colony of the USA country for 50 years at the time of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Affordable Education: -As the first questions in the mind arise of the students is a fee when thinking of studying abroad. Philippines are one of the more affordable and not only studies but the cost of living as well as other miscellaneous expenses as compared to other like Russia, China, and Ukraine.  MBBS in Philippines is highly cost effective as course fee in top medical colleges in Philippines is also less.
  • MCI Recognition: - All medical colleges in Philippines are recognized by MCI. The medical council of India has recognized the MD degree offered in medical colleges in Philippine’s.
  • Transportation:- Student not find any difficulties related to the transportation from one place to another as there are various option to travel from one place to another place such as Trains, Bus, car, Ferry and daily flights from Philippines to India for Indian students.
  • Secure: -All MBBS colleges in Philippines are secure for all Indian students to study MD and MBBS in Philippine’s. They get all secure facilities in hostels and outside the colleges feel safe and secure services.
  • Top Medical Colleges IN Philippines: - There are various top MCI approved MBBS colleges in Philippines for Indian students are
    • AMA school of medicine
    • Our Lady of Fatima University
    • University of perpetual help system
    • Emilio Aguinaldo College
    • Bicol Christian College of medicine
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Why to study MBBS in Philippines

  • Low fees Philippines MBBS colleges and schools
  • No any donation is required for the admission
  • Very nice climate and weather condition due to beach front outskirts
  • Every day flight is available from India to the Philippines
  • Secure country for the people
  • Very affordable fees structure
  • 3rd English speaking countries
  • Get all type of food
  • Duration of MBBS is 5 years in Medical colleges of Philippines
  • No Requirement of IELTS or TOEFL scores for MBBS admission in the Philippines
  • Different top medical colleges in the Philippines for the Indian and foreign students
  • Medical colleges are affirmed by WHO and MCI
MBBS admission in Philippines

Eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines

  • First, the student should be citizen of India
  • The Student should have valid passport
  • Student should be above 17 years
  • Minimum 60% PCB (physics, Chemistry & Biology) in Board exam 
  • Should Have passing mark in English Compulsory subject
  • Speaking English is compulsory
  • No requirement of other exams like AIPMT, NEET, MHCET etc.
MBBS Admission in Top Medical Universities

Eligible for the scholarship in the Philippines

Brilliant student from travel India to the Philippines for the study of the MBBS. As all know that studying MBBS in Philippines is easy and affordable to all Indian people. There are various other opportunities to study MBBs in Philippines funding given by the government and private sectors.  Adequate for colleges in the Philippines have study abroad programs exceptionally intended for the Indian understudies. As there scholarship team help you to find out all opportunities for scholarships which are available for the studying in the Philippines. Study abroad at Yash overseas not only inform but from the first step to till last not only inform you various type of the scholarship in the Philippines but also help you in applying for the grant you want to profit. In the event you are brilliant Indian understudy who is tried to finish MBBS degrees in the Philippines and wish to investigation abroad educational cost charge at the point address to our consultant now and experience of your fantasy of achieving universal instruction in the Philippines.

Doing job while study MBBs in Philippines:-  Doing the part time job is good so that not affect your studies and always every student and parents should remember that Studies is an important and first goal to perform an good performance in the academics not in any part time job. Unless if you are working an part time it will not affect your studies also and you can find a good option to work part time in Philippines.

Top various colleges for MBBS in Philippines is as below:-