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kabardino balkarian state medical academy

Kabardino-BalKarian State medical Academy

Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is one of the leading Scientific, Educational, Informational, Social and Cultural University in Nalchik City of Kabardino Balkaria Republic of Russia The Kabardino Balkarian State medical University(KBSU) is recognized by MCI and WHO.  Kabardino Balkaria State medical Academy formed in 1957 in Nalchik on the basis of pedagogical college and it is included 100 best Universities in Russia. In 1966 the faculty of medicine was created and first 100 students were accepted. There are 67 departments at the University  as the faculty of general medical consists of 17 departments and offers students graduates and postgraduates education at the Kabardino balkarian state medical universities. The Universities tell date consists of 870 highly qualified lecturers including more than 184 doctors, 625 Candidates in science etc.  At presents, kabardino Balkarian state university (KBSU) has trained 15000 students.

Facilities of the University
  • Library
  • Study room
  • Wi-Fi Facilities
  • Canteen
  • Students club
  • Sports complex
  • Summer Camp
  • Gym
Mbbs for Indian Students
  • Pediatrics
  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Nursing
Mbbs in Kabardino BalKarian University

The accommodation of the University is offered various kinds. There is separate boys and Girls hostel available by the University. All the Rooms in the hostel are very comfortable, fully furnished, A/c, Telephone, TV etc. The students in the organization should shares basis thing like Bathrooms, Kitchens. The Students in the hostels are under the protection of special Security 24 hours. The Hostel is near to the University so the student can go through walking distance.

Why Choose Kabardino Balkarian State university
  • Lowest tuition fees
  • Excellent quality of Education
  • Highly Qualified Experienced Staff and faculty
  • No entrance required
  • No donation required at the time of admission
  • Recognized by MCI and WHO
  • Good accommodation
  • Indian Canteen Available
  • Courses taught in English language
Mbbs in Russia